“Antoine Zayoun has nicely put his musical talent at the service of my story for children, Bleus de Marybelle, composing a melody which he called ‘Maryblue’. His creation testifies to a sweet artistic sensibility and talent that can affect both adults and children. I wish him all the success he deserves and hope to collaborate with him on other projects.”

Carole Awit (Author & Journalist)

“I worked with Antoine on my first movie, E-muet, that I wrote and directed in 2013. It was my first experience, and I never thought to be able to create something so professional and good, and this was also thanks to Antoine, who did a crazily good job with the music. The movie doesn’t have dialogue and he was able to create the best movie for every scene. I couldn’t have asked for any better composer – he was always on time and respected all the deadlines, allowing me to create my movie when I needed it.”

Christelle Zeinoun (Filmmaker)

“Trying to record my first song was not an easy task. It was very challenging for “Superman Ta3ben” to see the light until I found Valiant Sheep Records. Working with this studio was an amazing experience. The moment I entered, I felt at home. Professionalism, patience, and punctuality I found in Valiant Sheep Records made me feel I’m in safe hands, particularly when it comes to high quality. Jamming with Mr. Antoine Zayoun while working on the song made me trust him and his studio. We kept trying over and over patiently, until I got what I came for: an authentic song full of emotions.

Thank you Mr. Antoine Zayoun

Thank you Valiant Sheep Records”

Jamal (Artist)

“I had the chance to work with Antoine on many short movies and documentaries. He’s not just professional, but also creative and talented as a sound engineer and as a sound designer. Other than his bright personality, he is an overall pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Antoine for any project. Having him on your team means that Audio is handled and going to be great.”

Mohamed Ghandour (Filmmaker & Video Journalist)

“It was a year ago that I decided to record one of my songs and went searching for a studio to accomplish my ambition. ‘Why don’t you ask your friend Antoine?’, I said to myself. And there I was sitting in Antoine’s studio without my guitar, in front of a microphone and sang one of my latest ‘Kello Beyhoun’. And then I left.

Not long after that I had a call from Antoine telling me to pass by and listen to the recording for approval, or further modifications.

Amazing! A complete orchestration with high-fidelity was done, and not only one, but two different versions.

A lovely work Antoine. I am looking forward for the next, hoping you will help me the same way you did with the first, by choosing one among many songs and taking care of the rest while I see to my own business trusting I’ll have my song produced.”

Pastor Magdi Malky