Jamal (Artist)

“Trying to record my first song was not an easy task. It was very challenging for “Superman Ta3ben” to see the light until I found Valiant Sheep Records. Working with this studio was an amazing experience. The moment I entered, I felt at home. Professionalism, patience, and punctuality I found in Valiant Sheep Records made me feel I’m in safe hands, particularly when it comes to high quality. Jamming with Mr. Antoine Zayoun while working on the song made me trust him and his studio. We kept trying over and over patiently, until I got what I came for: an authentic song full of emotions.

Thank you Mr. Antoine Zayoun

Thank you Valiant Sheep Records”

Published by Antoine Zayoun

I live my life for the one who gave it to me. Musician from the age of 5, I use music to connect with my life-source and help others do the same. I believe music is sublime and in its purest form has life-changing power. In 2012 I started Valiant Sheep Records to produce excellent music for like-minded artists.