Pastor Magdi Malky

“It was a year ago that I decided to record one of my songs and went searching for a studio to accomplish my ambition. ‘Why don’t you ask your friend Antoine?’, I said to myself. And there I was sitting in Antoine’s studio without my guitar, in front of a microphone and sang one of my latest ‘Kello Beyhoun’. And then I left.

Not long after that I had a call from Antoine telling me to pass by and listen to the recording for approval, or further modifications.

Amazing! A complete orchestration with high-fidelity was done, and not only one, but two different versions.

A lovely work Antoine. I am looking forward for the next, hoping you will help me the same way you did with the first, by choosing one among many songs and taking care of the rest while I see to my own business trusting I’ll have my song produced.”

Published by Antoine Zayoun

Started out as musician, evolved into singer/songwriter, expanded into audiophile and now have come full circle as music producer at Valiant Sheep Records, the place where I'm always in my element. When I'm not doing that I'm usually spending time with my wife and kids, cooking or doing some gardening.