Christelle Zeinoun (Filmmaker)

“I worked with Antoine on my first movie, E-muet, that I wrote and directed in 2013. It was my first experience, and I never thought to be able to create something so professional and good, and this was also thanks to Antoine, who did a crazily good job with the music. The movie doesn’t have dialogue and he was able to create the best movie for every scene. I couldn’t have asked for any better composer – he was always on time and respected all the deadlines, allowing me to create my movie when I needed it.”

Published by Antoine Zayoun

I live my life for the one who gave it to me. Musician from the age of 5, I use music to connect with my life-source and help others do the same. I believe music is sublime and in its purest form has life-changing power. In 2012 I started Valiant Sheep Records to produce excellent music for like-minded artists.