Christelle Zeinoun (Filmmaker)

“I worked with Antoine on my first movie, E-muet, that I wrote and directed in 2013. It was my first experience, and I never thought to be able to create something so professional and good, and this was also thanks to Antoine, who did a crazily good job with the music. The movie doesn’t have dialogue and he was able to create the best movie for every scene. I couldn’t have asked for any better composer – he was always on time and respected all the deadlines, allowing me to create my movie when I needed it.”

Published by Antoine Zayoun

Started out as musician, evolved into singer/songwriter, expanded into audiophile and now have come full circle as music producer at Valiant Sheep Records, the place where I'm always in my element. When I'm not doing that I'm usually spending time with my wife and kids, cooking or doing some gardening.