About Bleats

They say quiet people have the loudest minds. If you are an introvert like me, you would hold this saying to be absolutely true and you probably wish you had a penny for every time you got asked what’s wrong just because you’re sitting there in silence, by people foreign to the concept of introversion, namely extroverts.

With an age-old love for writing, I decided back in 2011 to step out of the padded walls of my journal and venture into the exciting world of blogging to share with the populace thoughts that consumed my mind, that weren’t only mine to keep. 2011 was a milestone in my life, out of which I came battered yet victorious with the inspired totem Valiant Sheep that best symbolized me; hence the name of the blog: Bleats – utterances of a (valiant) sheep.

While I didn’t have a clue in the beginning what to blog about, I decided to start with what was on my mind and Bleats has soon become the workshop where I crystallize my thoughts into words. I currently blog about freedom, happiness, personal struggles, relationships, morals, faith, my walk with God, eternity, atheism, Lebanon and pretty much anything that I feel gnawing at me until I get it out there.

Depending on where you stand vis-à-vis the matters I will discuss on the blog you may feel you’re loving me too much for fishing thoughts right out of your head and penning down what you’ve wanted to say for so long but just couldn’t, or maybe feel you hate me to the point of wanting to hit me with a rock and dedicate your life to watch me wallow in disgrace and shame… (That escalated quickly perhaps?) But in all cases, if you are still unsure about subscribing to my blog, click here for a more compelling reason.

Thank you for stopping by!

Notice: At some point you will find yourself fighting the urge to make my blog your homepage… Just succumb.

2 thoughts on “About Bleats

  1. Reading this, I feel you are a man of like-heart. And hopefully we are men after YHWH’s own heart. You might enjoy my blog shepherdkid.wordpress.com or my more personal one called Fountain pen at ryanandjordan.com.


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