When Inspiration Runs Dry

Insipid. I think that’s the word that best describes my creativity lately.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.14.21 AMWe all go through it, I know. There are seasons when creativity seems to just flow out of you effortlessly and there are seasons where when you just know that it’s just pointless to even try because the your secret ingredient is missing and without it everything you do will turn out bland.

They say that creativity is a muscle that you have to exercise regularly, but even the most creative people will tell you that they go through dry seasons.

There are times when the moment you pick up your instrument a tune comes alive as if your fingers were programmed to play it out of nowhere into existence and you know you’re onto something unusual that is completely inspired because you end up writing some one of your best works in a matter of minutes. And there are times when you just go almost everyday on your blog and stare at that last post that keeps drifting away from the present day with every uninspiring day that goes by and even though there are probably like a million things going on around you that you could be writing about, you dread the thought of can’t even get yourself to press that “New Post” icon button because you know that it will take you 50, 55, 60 minutes to write a simple introduction to your recent state and take it Da Capo it with every new sentence you exert yourself to write down and make changes to it with every read hoping it will buy you some time to recharge some creativity, just enough to make it sentence by sentence until to the end of your post.

At this point, even writing something as simple as this feels like a great feat.

Dealing with Lack of inspiration proves to be an obstacle for people whose for whom creativity counts as a main component on which their livelihood depends on and in dealing with it, creative people of all sorts have resorted to a number of ways that have to some extent shown their efficacy.

Most notable of them all is to address addressing the issue itself and this has proven to be useful especially in the creative field of writing where writers have taken upon the task of writing about writer’s block“. Of course, the writer’s adeptness in writing is key here and a deciding factor between having an enjoyable read that people would delight in reading on one hand and a tedious melodramatic account of one’s inability to flow in creativity on the other hand.

In music this proves to be trickier as few people are actually interested in listening to someone singing about being pissed because they can’t sing make music like they used to. It’s like buying clothes from a shop where the salesman tells you they don’t make them like they used to anymore.

In movies this becomes it gets harder and harder and movies that deal with this topic tend to be those deep European movies which you can never understand but after watching you just want to sit silently in darkness while hugging your knees and finally ask yourself the big questions you’ve been always afraid to ask, like could it be that you’re going out with this girl because you’re secretly in love with your mom and she subconsciously reminds you of her? why do men have nipples?

Another way of overcoming this obstacle is to forget about that perfect first line that you want as a writer to capture your audience with and just start with the first thing that comes on your mind and. Creativity will start flowing from there once you get passed the perfectionism complex that plagues most of us creative people.

Another version of this approach has shown to be fruitful in music where several some songwriters have recommended opening the dictionary to a random word and this word that will become the opening word of a song in which they will try to relate this word to what they want to convey in with the lyrics. Sounds challenging, but with practice you can get something like that:

“Irrigation is what I long for for the soil of my creativity

Water my thoughts and set me free from this, my sterility

Of mind and not that of my reproductivity

Yes I can and I will have posterity


Irrigate my creativity

I will have posterity (x2)”

Another spontaneous variation to this method in writing is what writers call as Stream of Consciousness which consists of a continuous and unfiltered flow of thoughts, emotions and reactions that is uninterrupted by conventional writing. It is also known as “Interior Monologue” which gives readers a raw depiction of the writer’s thought processes. It can be tricky though to stick to your main topic without getting your audience wondering what the heck is this about. Shocked. I’m still shocked that women’s shoes cost that much. I wasn’t ready for this. I can either To get my girlfriend a nice pair of stilettos or I can pay I would have to skip a month’s worth of my bills and rent. I can’t do both. This is madness. How innocent and impressionable I was.

A different form for this method is what is called Free Writing in which writers write continuously for a set period of time withoug regrad to spelling, grammar or topic. This helsp them get passed the obcstacle of sefl-criticism and forces them ro write. They could be writing about what they did today and suddenly oh my i don’t think i should’ve eaten that much, damn those loewer case Is are really bugging the heck out of me. Need to correct htme but I mustn’t do that because it wouldn’t be aclled free writing ianymore. What kind of free writing is it if I can’t I’m not free to correct my mistakes??? But you know although this is really annoying me, it somewho feels liberating to be unbound by the constant comulpsion to correct everything I write and make sure everything is just perfect.

In all, many are the ways which one can resort to to overcome their dry periods. But one thing for sure is that one needs to push themselves beyond that intimidating block of sterility to become the seasoned writer or musician that they aspire to become.



Author: Valiant Sheep

I live my life for the one who gave it to me. Musician from the age of 5, I write music with a message of hope and purpose in order to help people get in touch with their life giver. I also compose music for film, a lot of which you can check out on this website.

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