7 Reasons Why You Can Never Understand a Christian

“What’s up with those pesky Christians?”

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question at least once in your lifetime. You must have a handful of them friends on your Facebook News Feed always posting Bible verses and promises from God, sharing songs of their favorite Christian bands and statuses uttered by famous Christian figures. With their Bibles on them at all times, if not in paper then on their phones or tablets, they’re always ready to quote you a verse for every circumstance. You can see them at your favorite coffee shop holding Bible studies or by the sea-side as they try to steal you for a few minutes from your peaceful afternoon walk to tell you about Jesus. You must have spotted them on your way to the pub one evening standing outside, singing praise songs and passing out tracts, preying for lost souls to snatch them from the grips of hell, aka the pub.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, go on scientific and social forums and seek out the guy that’s voicing out his anti-evolution, anti-abortion, anti-gay ideas. It’s not very hard to spot him really. He’s usually the “voice in the wilderness” type, trying in vain to argue that the world was created in only 6 days and that humans are not animals while every comment of his gets returned with mockery and ridicule.

But in the spirit of general knowledge, I’d like to take a moment and state 7 reasons why you can never understand a Christian.

1- It’s not organized religion, it’s a relationship

Maybe you’ve heard it all before, every time you accuse a Christian of herd conformity and in their frustration they answer, “It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship with Jesus!”

Well, I realize this might be hard to understand, but every Christian has at some point in their life experienced the life-changing love of Christ that has made them a totally different human being that just can’t help but talk about Jesus in everything they do. We are not Christians because we were born in Christian families, we are Christians because we got born again into the family of God.

We weren’t like that before. In fact, in the past we did everything in our powers not to be associated with people like that. So for someone to flip completely from being a cussing sex crazed animal to a lover of Jesus in just one day, then maybe, just maybe he might have something very important to tell you and you might find interest in hearing him out.

2- Sex is not a sin, we just choose to save it for marriage

We’re not afraid of sex, we don’t believe the “original sin” was sex and we don’t believe sex is a forbidden pleasure. In fact we love sex so much and hold it in such high regard that we choose willingly to save it for marriage.

While our society has a low view of virgins and makes a mockery out of them, we know because we have seen it with our own eyes, if not in us then in others, how sex before marriage has ruined people from having healthy relationships, marriages and families.

We have come to understand that sex is marriage – two bodies becoming one flesh – and that our beings were made in such a way to operate wholly with not more than one sexual partner for life. We acknowledge there is such a thing as emotional and sexual baggage that gets loaded unto us from one sexual relation to another and are aware of how detrimental this is to our wholeness.

While our contemporary culture champions sexual promiscuity, we take a firm stand against this and choose sexual health and well-being for ourselves by saving sex for marriage.

3- We are against homosexuality, but we’re not homophobes

This might be very difficult to understand, especially if you are gay, but while we can never agree with homosexuality, we are not homophobes.

Homophobia suggests an irrational fear of homosexuals, which is very far from the truth. We are not afraid of homosexuals and we never reject them from the Body of Christ.

We believe homosexuality is just as sinful as sex before marriage, not just because our Bible states it and definitely not to suggest that homosexual people are bad people, but simply because we submit to God’s perfect original design.

We have come to understand that the world and everything in it functions according to certain rules that are fixed by the creator and cannot be challenged, let alone changed. Just like the sun will always rise from the east and set in the west and earth will always revolve around the sun and water will always evaporate at 100°C and freeze at 0°C and things will always fall when you drop them (unless in space), we know that two men can never become one flesh and neither can two women. If you are alive and reading this post, you’re a living proof of marriage. We don’t believe in a “traditional definition” and a “modern definition” of marriage simply because to us there’s only one possible kind of marriage.

We don’t believe gay people are going to hell because of their homosexuality just as being heterosexual doesn’t get you to heaven either, but knowing Jesus does. This is why we want everyone to meet Jesus and let him deal with the homosexuality part.

We believe homosexual people are worthy of unconditional love and acceptance but that should never mean agreeing with their homosexuality just like loving and accepting a Christian should never mean agreeing with their Christian beliefs. We don’t call you Christophobes, so I think it’s only fair you don’t call us homophobes.

4- We drink but don’t get drunk

Although some Christian denominations forbid drinking, most Christians are cool with it. I myself do enjoy the occasional drink, especially wine in winter. It’s just that the lifestyle of drunkenness just doesn’t appeal to us anymore. We have tasted something far better that makes the biggest party you can ever conceive fade in comparison and believe it or not, on Friday nights we’d rather jump up and down and get drunk on the Holy Spirit in a youth meeting than attend any party this world has to offer only to leave with an empty feeling afterwards.

Warning: Attending a youth meeting can be hazardous to your health. You can get hooked.

5- Although scientists, we don’t believe in Evolution

It seems like the general assumption nowadays is that you have to believe in Evolution if you are a scientist and atheism seems to be murderously associated with science. While that could make perfect sense to you, it just doesn’t to us.

The notion that everything evolved from one single organism and we share a common ancestor with apes goes against everything we see in the world. We just don’t buy it.

It has been scientifically proven that people will believe any statement that starts with “It has been scientifically proven”, including this statement.

Pretty laughable, eh? Yet sadly this is what scientists are using to credit their so called findings. We hear, “scientists have found this and scientists have found that”, but are we actually seeing any proof? Do we have a single proof of animals evolving from one kind to another? Do we have a single proof of the Big Bang? Or is it just cleverly made stipulations?

More so, it strikes as odd to us that we have absolutely no record whatsoever of man evolving from ape and earning his way up to be the dominating species on earth, yet people have no problem believing something scientists claim to have happened millions and millions of years ago but have a problem believing a very well documented account of something that has happened only 2000 years ago.

6- Although people of faith, we are intellectuals

Another trendy general assumption is that faith is for the feeble-minded. It somehow goes beyond people’s understanding that you can have faith and a strong intellect to back it up. Somehow unbelief has become synonymous with reason and open-mindedness to a point where people would dismiss you without a second look back as soon as they find out you’re a Christian.

A few weeks ago, I read a post from a famous local blogger stating that religion is elitist because it holds back information from the public when it judges it inappropriate or contrary to its beliefs. When I commented that secularism does the same thing by teaching evolution in schools as science and holding back creation because it’s “religious”, his reply was that it’s very shameful of me in the year 2013 to say something like that because evolution is a fact.

Well is it really shameful that I don’t adhere to evolution because I just don’t see any scientific evidence of it?

I think what’s really shameful is how science has been hogged by atheists and how God is now associated with backwardness. What I find even more shameful is the systemic dichotomy between science and faith, especially when scientists do the exact thing they condemn religious people for – having faith.

What’s even more funny is that those same people will hurl insults at us and dismiss our opinions on moral issues like sex before marriage, homosexuality, divorce and abortion as coming from religious bigots without even giving our arguments any intellectual consideration. Hmm correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that the very meaning of bigotry?

“Those Christian bigots want to take us back to the Dark Ages! What do they know?” (Every open-minded individual)

7- We pray because we love to

Yes, we pray. Not because we have to, but because we love to! You may see praying as something as crazy as having an imaginary friend, but when your imaginary friend answers your prayers, then you’re in trouble.

We don’t recite prayers we know by heart, we don’t pray to statues, images or icons, we pray to the only true living God who we know is there, hearing our prayers. We talk to him about everything: our anxieties, fears, sorrows, heartaches, problems, sins, failures, joys, desires, dreams, ambitions and guess what? He answers! He makes things turn around and makes things happen for us. He heals, comforts, provides, strengthens, equips, trains, protects, builds, teaches and loves us throughout the different circumstances we find ourselves in. What a great imaginary friend ha!

Finally, of listing reasons there could be no end, but I guess it’s safe to say that it’s quite hard to understand a Christian.

However, it’s not impossible. I’ll let you in on a little secret: get to know Jesus.


Author: Valiant Sheep

I live my life for the one who gave it to me. Musician from the age of 5, I write music with a message of hope and purpose in order to help people get in touch with their life giver. I also compose music for film, a lot of which you can check out on this website.

16 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Can Never Understand a Christian”

  1. 1) I don’t believe you. First of all, I know many Christians and for most of them, this is untrue. And 2nd, sorry, I too many reborn Christians who preach that they are lovers of Jesus and act secretly like a “cussing sex crazed animal”.

    2) Nobody cares if YOU chose to save it. It’s just not a good idea trying to force teenagers to do so. If they want to, they can, but statistics show, that in US states where abstinence is taught as a good practice, teenage pregnancies are higher than in states where actual ways of contraception are taught.

    3) As soon as you stop behaving like homophobes, we will stop calling you homophobes. Is that a deal?

    4) You are really deep in delusion land, are you?

    5) You are not scientists. You don’t know how science works. Your paragraphs there prove that more than enough. You don’t have a clue how to recognize evidence. I am an ignorant amateur. But I at least don’t arrogantly assume that I have anything valuable to say to people who spent years, decades to study and research. You are like some guy who has no clue about cars but tries to tell the mechanic how to do his job by quoting car repair tips from a chinese rice farmer who only owned a horse cart. And then you are surprised that nobody takes you seriously. That arrogance always baffles me.

    6) I really don’t care if you consider yourself clowns or wise men. I will measure you by your actions and not by what you claim to be.

    7) Have fun praying. At least, every second you spend praying, you can’t do any real damage.

    Get to know reality.


    1. Atomic Mutant (if that is your real name), it looks to me from your comment that you have been disappointed, let down or maybe even hurt in the past by Christians who weren’t as genuine as they claimed or were caught in a low moment of their life. But I want to tell you that this does not represent the true face of Christianity which is modeled in Christ. I would like also to apologize for my brothers and sisters who might have been a stumbling block to you in your life. I hope this will help you remove the reproach you have on Christians.

      Now on the science part, I think it’s only fair you present us with scientific data that proves us wrong and see how we handle it and then make your judgment if we know about science or not. Again, if you have been faced with some Christians who were unscientific, this isnt every Christian out there. I personally have Christian friends in the scientific field who are highly scientific and yet dont approve with evolution at all. Speaking of this, did you know that there are scientists who are being laid off from their high positions in science because they have come to the conclusion of Intelligent Design and have mentioned it in their papers? What do you have to say about that?

      What do also have to say about the questions that science cannot answer. Why is everything purpose driven? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why is every single thing’s purpose encoded in it in a way that makes it accomplish it on its own without your help or intervention? Science can study how things work and operate and Im totally fine with that and I never counter argue something that is proved and right in front of me. But when science begins to speculate, that’s what I have a problem with. Origins of species, age of the earth, big bang theory, well these are just speculations. And to say these speculations are science, well that just ticks me off. Im not stupid and I can see there are a lot of questions that science cannot answer and until they find the answers I wont take the arrogant claim of speculations as facts and I dont think you should too!

      Finally I would like to thank you for taking the time to read the article and commenting, even if we have differing views on things.


  2. OH!! You evil, twisted, monstrous, ignorant Liar!!!!

    I wanted to let you hear my immediate reaction. Let me tell you why.

    “We are against homosexuality”, you say. Lie. Wicked lie. Google “Not all like that” and see. Thank God, Christians accept God’s creation as God made it, including the God-given sexuality of gay people. Some homophobes continue to deny this.

    “We are not homophobes”, you say. Lie. Wicked lie. Because the exegesis has been done, and there is no Biblical or other ground for condemning homosexuality, gay lovemaking or gay people, the only reason for sticking to ignorant, outdated and hateful views about gay people is homophobia. Institutional homophobia perhaps, but if you were not homophobic, you would reject the homophobic doctrines out of hand. You have no self-knowledge at all.

    In passing, what about this “insisting that the world was created in six days”? Do you suppose that all the graduates who accept the geological, astronomical and biological evidence, having seen it for themselves, that this is not the case, are in the power of Satan? If you believe God would permit that, and give such a huge stumbling block to any educated person, your understanding of God is ridiculous.

    Turn to Christ!


    1. Clare, it seems from your angry reaction I’ve touched on something very sensitive to you. I want you to know that attacking homosexuals or scientists for that matter isnt at all the aim of this post and if my way of composing my sentences has given you the impression that I am then I’m sorry. The point of the article is merely to state a Christian’s point of view on why we can never be understood. Having said this, let me say Im sorry but I cannot agree with you on what you’re saying at all. There is no biblical ground whatsoever for approving homosexuality and the bible is clear that it is a sin. When you speak of God-given sexuality, of course I agree with that but not in the sense that God gave us our sexual orientation but in the sense that he made us as sexual beings with sexual desires and needs. However the bible is clear, more specifically in Romans that homosexuality is a matter of misdirected lust. But at the core of it it’s lust. Lust, whether it be towards a person of the opposite sex or towards a person of the same sex, is wrong. So to say that God gives you the gift of being gay, well I just can’t accept that, because God doesnt either give you the gift of being an adulterer (which Jesus clearly stated that it is not just the act of physical adultery but also the act of lusting in your heart after someone). We have a tendency to identify the person with their sin, if they lie they become a liar, if they steal they become a thief and in the same way we have come to identify people with homosexual tendencies as homosexuals. Moreso we have come to consider heterosexual lust as something normal because it is widespread and consider homosexual lust as being abnormal. But the truth is neither one is normal. We werent created to lust to begin with. We were created in the image of the creator and his likeness. Having said this, this eliminates the possibility of anyone being “gay” or anyone being “straight” for that matter. Homosexuality is not an identity, it is a practice just like adultery is not an identity, it’s a practice. I guess this alleviates as well much of the guilt and shame someone might feel for having homosexual tendencies knowing that neither this or heterosexual tendencies are right. We were created for holiness and to have holy sex with one person for life, the only way described in the bible which is when a man and woman come together and become one flesh.

      I hope I helped you see the bigger picture about this matter biblically 🙂

      As for the scientific issue, let’s just agree to disagree because I personally have concerns and question marks on the scientific body. One needs only to see the systemic shunning of any scientist from the scientific body that even allures or hints to Intelligent Design to see that there’s something not right here.

      Anyway, I would like to thank you for your input and I hope I was able this time to get my msg across in a way that doesnt provoke you. Blessings.


  3. Faith is like sunlight given by God to all creatures. Even atheists, though they truly seek the truth through the darkness of their unbelief, will finally come out of the dark tunnel if they continue to be sincere with themselves. Jesus will not let them lost as he did with Saul on his road to Damascus.


  4. This is the most bias and uninformed article i’ve read in a long time. Aside from my personal points like “two bodies becoming one flesh” being seen as a loss of identity through marriage and that if god had a perfect plan then why would he, being an omnipotent being, create homosexuals, being which by your standards are less perfect than heterosexuals, let’s look at it from a more objective standpoint. You say there is no proof for evolution, either you have read proof and dismissed it or you need to go back to school. Your closed-minded view of anything scientific put forward to you is laughable. Peer-review systems make sure that scientific claims are backed up with evidence and I guarantee “a very well documented account of something that has happened only 2000 years ago.” as you so eloquently put it was definitely not peer reviewed. You say there is no evidence for evolution and then in your last point you state that you know there is a god. Well if you have more evidence for god than evolution, please, share it with me. Belief is not proof. With all that being said I can foresee this comment being disregarded as an atheist rant, much like how you say christian rants are dismissed on usual blogs. I have no arguments with people with faith, but articles like this highlight the worst parts of religion with the exception of extremism.


    1. Chris, thank you for taking the time to read the article and comment on it.
      I would like to clarify first that this is all from a Christian’s point of view, so accusing it of being biased, yeah of course it is. The whole point of the post is to say why you can never understand Christians because thats how Christians think and believe and unless you meet Christ you will never be able to relate to a thing Im saying.
      I would like also to clarify that we dont believe God created homosexuals because God doesnt create you with a sinful tendency and then condemns you for it. It is through walking in a broken world and getting overpowered by sin in circumstances that sometimes may be out of our control that we develop sinful tendencies and we believe there is forgiveness, healing and restoration for everything wrong done to us and by us. That being said, I dont consider heterosexuals to be any better than homosexuals because I specifically mentioned that being heterosexual wont get you to heaven, knowing Jesus will. We believe salvation is by grace through faith and not by works and merit because we’re all sinners and have fallen short of God’s glory.
      I would like also to point out that it’s not fair of you to accuse me of close-mindedness towards any scientifical data thats been presented to me when you haven’t presented me with anything to base your judgment on.
      Again, thank you for your reply and I hope this won’t be your last time here because even though you may not agree with me, I think you will find posts that may give you some things to ponder on. Much blessings to you.


      1. What makes you think I don’t understand you? Simply because I don’t believe you. You should not assume that simple because I have a different belief set to you that I don’t understand you. Religious beliefs aren’t more complex simply by nature. If I have put just as much thought into my beliefs, why are yours more complex than mine? By that logic you don’t understand atheists because you have a different belief system.
        Well, god created the world broken by your standards so I don’t think anyone needs to be forgiven for something that isn’t their fault in any given way. For an all-loving benevolent god he sure seems to like to entrap people.
        Heaven aside you say “We believe homosexuality is just as sinful as sex before marriage, not just because our Bible states it and definitely not to suggest that homosexual people are bad people, but simply because we submit to God’s perfect original design.” So if homosexuality puts you further away from god’s “perfect original design” then you are viewing them as less perfect than you.
        I am not a teacher and to be quite frank if you don’t believe ANY aspect of evolutionary theory I wouldn’t know where to begin. How about the similarities in the DNA structure between all of earths animals and the common ancestry they share?
        I think if there is anything that is going to make me ponder it is going to come from an objective standpoint, although I wonder if any of the comments here give you something to ponder, or you dismiss them as atheist rantings.


    2. Chris, God didn’t create a broken world. The world got broken because man’s ill usage of his free-will. Free will by definition gives you the possibility of choosing good or choosing evil. Therefore man is accountable for his mistakes not the mistakes done unto him by others.

      As for the scientific part, please read to my friend Dahdouh’s comment below, he’ll do a far better job at explaining this to you then I ever could 😉


  5. Being myself an ex-“born again christian”, who was on the verge of dropping out of school to preach “the good news”, I have continuously come across this similar minded “american-protestant christianism” that our deer valiant sheep seems to be indulged in.

    As such for your dismissal of evolution and “Do we have a single proof of animals evolving from one kind to another? Do we have a single proof of the Big Bang?”, please instead of reading those terrible science blogs on the internet written by people who hold the exact same views as you, go to a university and ask whether you can read actual scientific papers on these subjects, so you can see how much you lack basic scientific understanding, and so you may actually comprehend how doctorate papers are published in the scientific community.

    When you say “We are against homosexuality, but we’re not homophobes”, have you ever heard the saying, “I’m not racist, BUT …” , which more or less means you are most likely a racist.

    I was in the same shoes that you are today a few years ago, so when you say we can’t understand christians. Well let me tell you why people can’t understand christians: for the simple fact that they tend to hold arrogant, hypocritical views backed with “facts” based with no shred of evidence.

    For the part where you guys save yourself for sex, well I’m not getting any either, so shake on that. But remember that in the US, states that are labelled as liberals compared to more christian states have a MUCH bigger rate of accessing porn websites and dealing with a higher rate of teenage pregnancy.


  6. Hello everyone. I hope that you are all well. I just read the blog post and the replies posted and I would like to share my thoughts on the matter.

    Let me first put forth my credential, not to brag about them, but just to say that I am not a “guy who has no clue about cars but tries to tell the mechanic how to do his job by quoting car repair tips from a Chinese rice farmer who only owned a horse cart”. I have graduated with honors and distinction from my undergraduate and graduate studies where I was majoring in General Biology and Clinical Microbiology respectively. I worked for 5 years in a faculty of medicine in teaching and research. I have 3 peer-reviewed publications and an abstract published in the ICAAC conference (an international conference based in the USA). I currently have 3 additional articles that are pending acceptance for publication following the peer-review process and I am doing my PhD studies. That being said, I again want to say that I am not saying these things to brag but only to make a point that I know a thing or two about science.

    I also do not believe in misguidance and so I will say it straight up and hope that you will continue reading: I am a born again christian who believes in God and who believes that God created us and who believes that salvation is by Jesus Christ. I am not however, an apologist. Meaning that I do not care for spending countless hours defending the previous or current acts of the church, the acts and opinions of other people, and the common stereotypes associated with Christians. I put forth my ideas and discuss them.

    Before getting into the matter at hand, let me just state one thing. I find it highly offensive when people straight out state that “Christians are not scientists” as Atomic Mutant has said. I find it baffling how people that claim that Christians are a self-righteous, judgmental, ignorant, close -minded group attack Christians by labeling them and putting them all into one category and say that these people are homophobes and ignorant. Please take a step back and look at this in an objective way. I respect all people, regardless of their beliefs, sexual orientation, ideas, doctrine, and views. I do not however accept all these things as my own. I have my own beliefs that are based on the Bible. It is a bit hypocritical when people attack Christians for being close minded and when Christians express their own beliefs they get hatefully attacked, labelled, and categorized. I accept that every one has the right to believe what he or she sees fit to believe. I expect the same from people that I talk to. If whoever is reading this does not share this concept with me then please don’t bother to reply because if you don’t respect me enough to accept that I have the right to believe what I want, I will not respect you enough to reply to your post.

    Now that all of this is out of the way, I would like to share my thoughts on evolution, science, and belief. By talking with a lot of people on the matter, most of which are my atheist friends (yes we do not go to hell for having atheist friends and a lot of us have atheist friends), I have come to understand that most of the debate stems from a misconception from people that are not directly involved in the scientific field. There is no shame in that since each one has his or her own profession and field of expertise. In scientific terms, the concepts of a hypothesis, theory, and fact are very distinct from each other. The scientific process starts with an observation that leads to a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an idea that you get that permit you to perform experiments in order to either support it or discredit it. One would then proceed to perform experiments and modify the hypothesis based on the results of his or her experiments. After a sufficient amount of data, one can postulate a theory. A theory is an idea that most probably explains the observation that you first made. Your theory would then be evaluated by other research groups for scientific integrity and add to the work that you have provided. Some additions may make your theory null or it may add credit to it. A theory does not become a fact unless it is found to be true without a shred of doubt by the entire scientific community. This is the engine that runs the scientific process and leads to amazing advancements in all the scientific fields you can think of.

    The scientific community is a highly rich and dynamic community under constant reshaping and change as each new research adds to or corrects previous concepts. It is more common than one would think to have paradigm shifting discoveries in the scientific field that would change the entire understanding of how things are working and how we could use them. 2 very well know examples follow: the first one is about the earth being flat. Early scientists believed that the earth was flat and operated under that concept. The core error that they had did not affect their experiments since the scope of their experiments did not require the earth to be round and did not require the use of the properties of the earth. Therefore they successfully did experiments in various fields until the discovery that the earth was round. At that point, they corrected their understanding and continued forward. Following the same rationale, the second example is the earth being the center of the universe. Once again, when the data proved otherwise, scientists corrected their concepts and moved on.

    Once you understand how science works, you must accept the fact that evolution, at this point, is a theory. It is not a fact. It is not internationally acclaimed and accepted by all scientists. It is still under investigation. It is a valid theory in a sense that it follows the scientific rationale and it is not based on speculation but on observations and tests. It is not however, proven. The theory still has an immense amount of gaps that forbid it from being a fact. Scientists are still shaping this theory and modifying it and doing various experiments in order to better understand it. One day in the future it may be scientifically accepted as a fact, or it may be completely discredited. Both are options from a scientific point of view. However, I will state only a few reasons for why, in my opinion, it will end up being discredited:

    1- First, as the theory states, organisms have evolved one from another over large periods of time. However, there is a complete and utter failure to find evidence of transitional species. For example, there are no fossils of reptiles with half wings. There are pure reptiles and pure flying organisms. There is nothing in between. Now having in mind that, according to the theory, the “in between” phase was thousands of years, how come not a single organism (living or fossilized) with a half developed wing was found?

    2- The mathematical probability of having inorganic matter in close proximity to each other that simultaneously and spontaneously form DNA, RNA, and proteins that form a perfect fit with each other is so infinitesimally small that it is scientifically considered to be impossible. You see, DNA is “read” by proteins and RNA and are in turn “translated” to form the protein that undergo the functions in a cell. These 3 components are so dependent on each other that it is impossible for one to have a continued existence without the other. Not only that, the DNA, RNA, and proteins have to have a perfect (not almost-perfect, a perfect) fit with each other. It is as if saying that you put 1 million letters next to each other and hit the “randomize” button and all of a sudden windows was created!

    3- As the theory states, life first begun in the ocean and then transferred to land. This poses a third great obstacle against evolution. You see our body functions by the use of systems. There are many systems that are tightly regulated and are in constant interaction with each other and are the reason why we breath. Ocean-based life forms have an immensely different respiratory system that ground-based life forms. The transition from oceans to land is impossible since, according to the theory, the land-based respiratory system (ie the lungs, trachea, bronchi, air sacs, etc…) took thousands of years to be developed. During that time, ocean bound organisms would be carrying around vestigial organs that would make them actually less fit to survive since they will be needed to spend much more energy on maintaining an organ that they cannot use and developing it over thousands of years. This by itself contradicts the theory of evolution that states that the most fit will survive and leave the poor ocean bound organisms less fit for thousands of years. Even amphibians would have taken hundreds years of being at a disadvantage as compared to their peers. This concept also punctures a large hole in the theory.

    4- Although there are many other ideas and concepts I could discuss I would stop with this final thought. The DNA strands that make up our genetic code are made up of trillions of nucleotides that have a highly elaborate and delicate code that is translated into the molecules that delicately interact with one another in order to make up organisms. A mutation in only one of these nucleotides could mean the difference between life and death. Therefore, the “similarities” between the DNA of animals and humans that everyone keeps talking about should be viewed in the following sense: The closet similarity between any animal and humans is a 5% difference in the shape (and not the code). 5% difference in shape is directly correlated to the amount of nucleotides present. Therefore, 5% difference in trillions of nucleotides where one nucleotide that is mutated could lead to death is not a small difference at all! If you want to get a numerical value just multiply 0.05 by 1 trillion and let me know what you find out. That is how different our DNA is from the most “similar” animal.

    Well, here are my thoughts. I will not apologize for a long post because I believe that if one is not willing to read and learn then one is not really interested in having a rational discussion but only to burst forth with random ideas and try to look smart. I mean no offend to anyone and I apologize if I have offended anyone in this post. I am merely sharing my knowledge and ideas and it is up to you how you react with them. Once more I want to state that I respect your belief and your opinion no matter what it is. I hope you respect mine.

    Have a pleasant evening.
    God bless you all.


    1. Thank you Dahdouh for a very well composed reply that shows that our stance as Christians on evolution isn’t merely an uneducated opinion based on prejudice or personal preference towards one side of the argument. It’s great to see people like you who stand out in the scientific body proving that being a scientist doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you agree with evolution.


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