How Strong Are Your Foundations?

Introducing The Daily Bundle, a daily effort of assembling hand picked music and videos accompanied by a short reflection on relevant issues in today’s society and everyday life, in hope to serve as food for thought as well as refreshment for the soul.

How strong are your foundations?

We all have foundations, a set of beliefs we base our lives on, the way we act, react and interact with everything that goes on in our daily walk. But having strong foundations is crucial to surviving winds and storms that will come our way and it is important to realize that holding fast to our foundations is not equivalent to having strong foundations. It just means that we’re clinging on to foundations that are shakeable and are bound to collapse on any given day.

So how do we judge if we have strong foundations?

I believe life will do that for us, but it’s our responsibility after that to assume change to better foundations instead of choosing to stick to our old ones because we’ve come to feel at home within them.

Jesus on one occasion talked about two kinds of builders (Matthew 7:24-27), a wise builder that built his house on the rock and a foolish builder that built his house on the sand, to give an illustration of people who choose to believe and apply his words versus those who choose not to. After that he went on to say that winds and storms and floods came on both houses to show that problems and hardships will come on all people, but the one that survived was obviously the one built on the rock.

But what if you chose not to wait for floods to come to test the strength of your foundations? What if you chose today to build your life on strong foundations by hearing and applying the words of Christ instead of waiting for hardships to come and watching your life fall tragically apart?

Video of the day

Walt Disney’s ”The 3 Little Pigs” (1933)

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!”

Song of the day

Christ The Rock – Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith

Author: Valiant Sheep

I live my life for the one who gave it to me. Musician from the age of 5, I write music with a message of hope and purpose in order to help people get in touch with their life giver. I also compose music for film, a lot of which you can check out on this website.

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