Thank You Citymall

Mid-November, with Christmas just around the corner, it’s already the festive season. And as people rush off to shopping centers to benefit from all the crazy offers of this gift-giving season I can’t help but wonder whether these people actually take a moment amid this whole hype to ponder upon the meaning of Christmas and what this has brought to them.

Alas, Christmas has become a commercial time of the year by excellence, a season that marks a peak in yearly sales and a season that merchants look forward to with every end of the year – a sad fact that I have learned to accept gradually over the years although it still frustrates me to the core. What was the celebration of the birth of humanity’s savior from the bondage of sin has now become a time when children make a list of gifts they want to a chubby old man with a long white beard who lives in the North Pole and travels on a flying sleigh lead by magical rein-deers.

Now before I go any further, let me just clarify that I am not writing this post to rant on the issue of Santa Claus as I have had my share of ranting on the matter and I even wrote something on the topic some years ago which you can find here. After all I do understand that the figure of Santa Claus appears more politically correct to the general masses of diverging beliefs, and what the person of Jesus lacks in popularity the ever popular Santa makes up for it for shop owners whose primary goal is to make profit. Let me go even further to say that even though Santa has taken over the majority of platforms – a fact that I can’t change – I accept that celebrations in general change over the years and gradually start revolving around the tradition rather than the original reason and meaning, and I trust God’s power to work in all circumstances despite every obstacle it might encounter.

As I was thinking of that on my way to the Citymall with some friends tonight, what I was unaware of was what I was about to see a few minutes later as I entered the mall.

(Pictures taken from the Citymall page on Facebook because it totally slipped my mind to take pictures on the spot).

These pictures may not mean much to the average person, but to me they mean a great deal. To actually see a Nativity Scene of that grandeur in a mall that attracts people of different religious beliefs, even if just for display and promotion, meant to me a firm declaration of the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ.

I surely wasn’t expecting to see that when I entered that mall, but it definitely made my day. Thank you Citymall.


Author: Valiant Sheep

I live my life for the one who gave it to me. Musician from the age of 5, I write music with a message of hope and purpose in order to help people get in touch with their life giver. I also compose music for film, a lot of which you can check out on this website.

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